Axel Alfred Säll (Sell) 1857- 1933

 Emigrated 1883 from Klockaregården, Nottebäck parish to Stillwater, Minnesota.
 He went with the steamship Orlando to Hull in England, and then from Liverpool to US, 
 He have to change his surname from Säll to Sell when he arrived to US.

 He lived in Stephen, Minnesota. A town 65 km south of the Canadian border. 
 He got married in 1893 with Emma (1869 - 1909) she was also from Småland.
 They got 8 children:
 Mable, Alpha, Alfred, Vivian, Gladys, Myrtha, Marg. and Almeda

 Axel lived when census 1930 was done, he probably died in Montana 8/11 1933
Alfred died 28th jan 1976 in Blaine, Montana.

 The daugther Gladys Cecelia moved to Whittier, Los Angeles, 1930 was she lodge with Nicholas and Emma Berger in Whittier,
 Los Angeles.
 Gladys died 11th may 1982 in Whittier, Los Angeles, California

Hilma Andersson 1887-1960


 Emigrated 1907 from Klavreström, Nottebäck parish tol New York.
 She went with the steamship Rollo till Hull i England,
 and then from  Liverpool to NY with ss Lusitania.
 In NY she met the norwegain John Pedersen from Hillesund and they got married in Norska sjömanskyrkan 1909.

They lived in Long Branch, New Jersey

They got 6 children;  Gunhilde, Jennie Helena, Thomas Bjarne, Henry Arnold, John Adolf Jr and Marvin August.

Hilma visited her family in Sweden 1948
Axel, Erik, Arvid, Karl
Signe, Hilma, Märta, Margit Liljegren


3 siblings who emigrated (aunts and uncle to Hilma Andersson)
 Lovisa Svensdotter 1852

 Emigrated 1869 from Räfsved södergård, Nydala parish
 to Chicago

 Albert Svensson 1851-

 Emigrated 1887 from Räfsved södergård, Nydala parish
 to La Ponte

Maria Doroteha Svensdotter 1859-

 Emigrated 1889 from Räfsved södergård, Nydala parish
 to US


Hole family emigrated 1884 (uncle to Hilma Andersson)

Clas Johan Andersson 1856-
Emma Kristina Andersdotter 1856-
Hulda Genoveda Johansdotter 1881-
Wilhelmina Theresia Johansdotter 1883-
Anna Matilda Löfgren (Olson) 1869  - 1940

Emigrated 1893-03-03 from Varnhems parish.
to New York

Married in US with Alfred Dag, also from Varnhem but had emigrated one year erlier
They took the name Olson. They were living in Iowa.

They got the children Carl, Arthur, Gustaf, Roy and Dorothy Arlene whos son Leland with family was herer 2009